Goodbye 2013 & Special Thanx

2013 has been a great year and we couldn’t be happier for our collaborations and people who supported our music throughout the year.
DJs and Producers across the world supported our music and trusted us in remixing their songs taking our music and work one step further.

Apart from those we continued to work towards improving our sound as well as making what we love most…remixing some all time classics and supporting our moto “Finest Classics Revisited”!

Here is the list of songs released (official & finest classics) in 2013 by The Equalizers:
Simple Minds – Somewhere in summertime (The Equalizers remix)
J.Lo – Tonight (The Equalizers remix)
Giorgos Lysigakis ft. Ada – My Love (For You) (The Equalizers Remix) {Room69 Records}
The Equalizers – Do Anything
GrooveU & Room4space – See U Again (The Equalizers remix) {FuzzyLite Recordings}
The Equalizers – Le Voyage
Momo Dobrev ft. Vera Russo – Naive (The Equalizers Remix) {Phrazer Records}
Andrey Exx, Cristian Poow & Hot Hotels Feat. Manny – Latenight Hunger (The Equalizers Remix) {Da Way Records}
Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas (The Equalizers 30th Anniversary Edit)
Fun Jam & No Rabbitz – Walking Away (The Equalizers Neverending Story mix) {Ready Mix Records}

One of the things that helped us throughout 2013 was of course our fellow DJ’s & producers as well as a list of well known Radio Producers that we couldn’t be more thankful. So, at this point we’d like to especially THANK:
Stelios Ktoras, Manolis Stavroulakis, Makis Louvros, Manos Athinaios, Emre Senol (aka Room4Space), Kemal Ozturk (aka Groove4U), Momo Dobrev, Giorgos Lysigakis, Andrey Exx, Cristian Poow, Hot Hotels, Manny Magala, Kostantinos Tsifetakis (aka No Rabbitz), Fun Jam, Konstantinos Ioannidis, Tasos Dertylis (aka Dirt T), Kostas Sakkas (aka Saccao), Vassili Tsillichristos, Xristos Paparounis, Alex Christopoulos and many more!

So what’s on for 2014?

It started out as a dream but it was actually there in the late November.. One of the greatest collaborations that we could ever dreamed of is now “officially” on our doorstep and we couldn’t be happier and respectful in releasing one of our best ever EP’s somewhere between February-March 2014!

Moreover, we extremely happy to announce that 2014 will be the year releasing our first EPs accompanied with great remixers across the globe!

At last we’d like to especially thank Yiannis Iliopoulos and our record label The Sound of Everything for their love and support on everything we do!