The Equalizers feat. Ada – Let The Moment Come

The Equalizers

Let The Moment Come”, our debut original composition is HERE ready to take you back to the Disco era with a fresh and tasty House touch! Get ready to groove!

This time around we are treated to the blissful vocals of Ada which give the track a beautiful essence.

The Equalizers keep the vibe alive with HOT disco beats and lush keys to produce an amazing outcome. The bassline rumbles through the melodic sequences of the synths as the layers come together to complete a truly epic slice of disco that is not to be missed.

Now you know, this is a BOMB and a definite must for this summer!

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Release date: 15/01/2015
Vocals: Ada
UPC: 889211322312
© Copyright 2015 – The Equalizers

Hurry up
in the light of the day
We’ll define
Our own mysterious ways
Hear my voice
Calling you hear to rejoice
Romance lane
You know you got to follow it into the game

Je t’attends, tu te cache, on fait la tarentelle
C’est une danse de joie, pour l’amour eternelle
Embrasse moi!
Cette soiree, Au parfum magnifique
Dans la rue romantique…
Viens! Viens vite!

I will light your way
Take a breath with you
Be your everything
Make your dreams come true

Just stay close to me
Be my melody
And I’ll sing to you
All my songs of truth

Let the moment come
We’ll be glorious
I will hold your hand
Let the moment come

Let the moment come
We’ll be glorious
I will hold your hand
and you’ll be…

My firing end (x4)