The Equalizers feat. Ten Sharp – You {The Sound of Everything}

The Equalizers

The Makeover of Ten Sharp “You” by The Equalizers!

Release Date: 29/4/2014 (excluding Italy)
Performed by Ten Sharp
Produced by The Equalizers
Written by N. Hermes/T. Groen.
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing BV
(P) 2014 The Sound Of Everything Records Ltd (excluding Italy)
Special Thanx to Alexander Alexandrou for his smashing Cover Art

Aiming high in topping the charts, the Equalizers invite the classic pop band Ten Sharp to bring new life to one of the biggest radio hits of the 90s!!

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“Wow guys… let’s f#$@ing do it!”
This was the instant reaction of the famous Dutch pop band, Ten Sharp, when they got a glimpse of the attempt by the “EQUALIZERS” to revisit one of the Greatest Songs of the 90’s.
It takes a lot of guts to remake a beloved pop classic, but it takes even more talent to do it well. The “EQUALIZERS” know how to bring the beats and get the job done right and managed to inspire the members of Ten Sharp to re-record the vocals for the needs of this unique collaboration. The result is a groovy Nu-Disco jam with vibrant piano and rich beats that makes you want to move, while still preserving the essential vibe of the original!

The feedback from Ten Sharp was sublime but demanding at the same time, setting high levels of musical standards which were harmonically combined with the inspiration and fresh sound of the “EQUALIZERS”, creating a catchy remake which aims to dominate the radio stations and DJ decks throughout Europe!

Following the evolution of Deep House and Nu Disco scene, the “Equalizers” have mastered these musical ingredients, drawing inspiration from a variety of techniques and traditions, establishing their own distinctive sound. The same philosophy was maintained in the remake of “You”, which comes back strong in 2014 and promises to stand the test of time…

The official worldwide (excluding Italy) release date is on April 29th 2014 by The Sound of Everything Records.